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Red Bull Mini Drome


Don’t forget that the Red Bull minidrome is coming to London next week!

Register online before the 10th, if not,  just come down for a couple of beers and watch the action. Kicks off at 7pm on the 15th, and it’s FREE.


For Sale: Absolute stunner!

Wilier Triestina track frame 81

Wilier Triestina track frame 81

Wilier Triestina track frame 81

This is bike porn at it’s best, I just love the copper plating and the chrome seat and chain stay combination.

This colour combination was used for all of Wilier’s pro team bikes after world war 2.

’81 Wilier Triestina track frame 51cm

Yours for 1000EU

Check the details HERE

Melbourne Bike Fest: ONCE BITTEN

A collaboration between Who by fire and the Melbourne Bike fest sees a three part series invoking discussion on the common myths road users have of cyclists. I Like.

The clips are designed to have high impact with young people and draw on vampire mythology to unpack and poke fun at some prevalent perceptions of and attitudes toward bike riders on the roads.

Scripted and shot in collaboration with the bike riding community, the clips set a new benchmark for dialogue between road users. Offering high production values with a street sensibility, the clips playfully suggest that fear may be the pothole we all need to get around on our journey toward road harmony.

Dmitry Gudkov: #BikeNYC portraits

Dmitry is working on a new series called #BikeNYC.  He’s covering all aspects of cycling, not just fixed gear…but cruisers, brusiers and everything in between.  Check out a couple of the shots below and the rest over on his flickr.


Angelo - Lower East Side (2)

Missy and Adam #BikeNYC 1

Ben #BikeNYC: School


Opening today: The Herd

“If you are in London on November 26th you are invited to come and join Paul for the opening
of his next exhibition titled ‘The Herd’… a new series of trophy heads inspired by Picasso and
made solely from bicycle parts”
This could be interesting, check out his site for everything else.

Jersey ride portraits

Angelo Calilap is everywhere at the moment, and he’s definitely on the money with his bike portraits which are coming thick and fast.

Unkle Chip and his '93 Track

Avi and his Leader

Henry and his Stripper


These are just a couple of my favorites, of course you can check the rest of them out on his flickr.


Kissena beauties

Photos by Angelo Calilap