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The Digitizer: Affinity X Kenzo Minami

In case you missed it, here is the THE DIGITIZER.

Cinecycle curated this project, bringing together one of the most respected independent bike brands Affinity cycles and renowned Japanese artist and designer Kenzo Minami to create a thing of beauty!

The CEO of Cinecycle thinks this bike, even in our modern digital age, still represents the most simple and effective union of man and machine.

I think this bike, even in our modern digital age, looks sick!


Bike Check 212: Romeo Rex

Sweet little edit from cycleangelo.  This is his 3rd Bike check featuring Romeo Rex and his gorgeous ’92 Cannondale track.

Vamos a la playa

7 Riders, 11 days, 1500 km from Stuttgart to Barcelona.  Sounds like one epic ride.

I’m loving the edit as well, can’t wait for the full length movie to come out if it’s anything like this.

TCB Couriers SF

Spotted this over at Lockedcog.  Props to the boys at TCB for finding their niche.

Guest post: 2 sleek series by Matt Lingo

I have just discovered Matt Lingo, and love the latest series he has released on a few months ago.

DJ Mull: Dry Lake Bed, Nevada

Also good stuff with This city can’t swallow me shot in 2009 in San Diego.

Bike Portraits, Singapore

A new set of bike portraits straight out of Singapore, looks like they’re having fun out there.

See the full set on Mr 36’s Flickr stream

Cat-6 Racing

I can’t think of a better way to spend my morning than racing strangers.

Read the whole story on commuter racing at GOOD.